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started seeing san francisco police detectives out here in december. and they returned today with a search warrant and a cadaver dog focused on this house. police spent the day digging up the garage of this home. >> the doorbell rang. there was two black coat detectives standing out there. >> reporter: emma marston says san francisco police detectives came to her door in december, wanting to look into her neighbor's yard. >> they wanted to come into my room, because you can see out my window into that backyard. and they said that there was a homicide investigation about something that happened like 20 years ago. >> reporter: sfpd came back this morning with the fbi and the alameda county sheriff's department, serving a search warrant at her neighbor's house at 11:06 and 11:08. detectives say the sealed search warrant is related to the unsolved 1984 child abduction of 10-year-old kevin collins. neighbor arthur wentworth said police were drilling into the concrete across from his apartment. >> people started buzzing
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around, and eventually i heard some drilling going on. >> reporter: police say a cadaver dog picked up a scent under the garage floor. >> cadaver dogs indicated the presence of a possible remain under the concrete floor of a garage. the concrete was removed. >> reporter: police did find bones. the medical examiner says they appear to be animal bones, but additional analysis is under way. the dig happened a block away from the last place 10-year-old kevin collins was seen on february 10th, 1984. people who lived in the neighborhood when he vanished say his disappearance gripped the community. >> the whole community was involved. that somehow because the picture was everywhere. we might see the boy. >> reporter: no one ever saw collin again. many hope 28 years later, sfpd has some answers for the collin family. >> hopefully for the family there is some sort of solace. >> reporter: now tonight san francisco police say the people who currently live in this home are not suspects in this case,
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but a person of interest when collin disappeared did live here. this investigation is ongoing. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, jean. let's turn things over to george kiriyama now. he joins us live. george, you sat down with collin's brother this evening. you said the family is taking a wait and see approach? this has been a long road for them. >> it has been a long road. and he says he is not going to read too much into it until something concrete happens. he says he is skeptical at best. >> i mean, we have to be guarded. >> reporter: steven collins and his family have gone through this before, promising leads of where his brother's remains may be, only for those to turn into dead ends. >> you know, we've gotten our hopes up and gotten let down by that. so, you know, we have to -- we're skeptical until something really concrete is shown. >> reporter: the family says kevin had just left basketball practice and was supposed to get a ride home with his brother's
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coach. >> the coach actually drove, dropped off a bunch of kids, ended up at our house, looked in the back of his truck, and saw that kevin wasn't there. >> reporter: collins remembers his father and the coach going out to the school, and then driving back and forth on the walk kevin would have walked. >> this are one or two witnesses who saw him after that. so there actually a spot where he was last seen. and it's where this house is right now that is being dug up, that was being dug up today. >> reporter: collin says over the past 29 years, the family has grown to accept kevin will not be coming home. a memorial bench was placed at a cemetery on the ten-year anniversary in 1994. >> i think it's important to have. it would be nice to have that concrete closure, that real closure that's kind of what we were aiming at. on the ten-year anniversary. >> reporter: but it's these pictures of kevin they still have in their minds, of a 10-year-old boy who never had the chance of growing up. >> it's actually a really good
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picture. he was in a class writing on a chalk board, and he is looking back like this. so that's always the shot that mostly comes to mind. >> reporter: we also talked to kevin's mother on the phone tonight. she said she is also in a wait and see mode as she has been in this situation a few times before. live in walnut creek tonight, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, george. now, if you would like to know more about the history of this case, all you need to do is go to our website, and search kevin collins. of course, we'll continue to monitor the situation. moving on now, it's 1:00 in the morning in new orleans right now, and that means the night is young. the 49ers and ravens took the field at the superdome today, not for practice, but for media day. tomorrow, though, it gets much more serious. we have a series of reports tonight. dave fellman is in new orleans with eye-opening comments from randy moss. but we begin with terry mcsweeney who joins us with the
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super bowl ticket scam. it's an interview you'll see only on nbc bay area. terry, real quick, what happened? >> reporter: this woman's name is sharon osgoode. the way i see it, she is about 300 miles closer to new orleans this afternoon than this afternoon when i interviewed her in dublin. she is a 49er fanatic, and like the 49ers in the game against the falcons, she had to overcome a lot to make to it the super bowl. >> go niners! >> reporter: you can call sharon osgood the comeback kid, not unlike her beloved 49ers. remember when atlanta took a 17-0 lead against san francisco in the nfc championship game? well, that's just how sharon felt a few days ago. >> my heart was literally in my stomach, and i thought i was going to throw up. >> reporter: she had bought super bowl tickets from a guy on craigslist for $5900. she had a name, phone numbers. she trusted this guy. >> after four days of conversation, four and a half days, we didn't think that this was a hoax.
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who would go through all that? i mean, really, if you were trying to scam somebody, would you continue text messaging, e-mailing, phone calling? >> reporter: she wired the money, but when the envelope arrived, no tickets. just a picture of the two starting quarterbacks and a note saying enjoy the game, go ravens, lol. but like the 49ers against the falcons, her dream was about to become reality. mercury news reporter mike rosenberg told her story. it almost didn't get told. >> i didn't want to do it. i'm embarrassed, ashamed that i fell for something so stupid. you know, the raiders fans out there going yeah, stupid 49er fan. >> reporter: ticketmaster's ceo nathan hubbard read the story and gave sharon four tickets to the big game. the niners added another so sharon's entire entourage can go. the comeback was complete. and sharon, like the niners was -- >> ecstatic. i can't even still you. my heart now is so full. and i feel blessed and grateful.
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>> reporter: in all the excitement, it's easy to forget a crime has been committed here. $5900 stolen from this woman. investigators do have some things to go on. they've got a name, whether it's real or not, we don't know, two phone numbers that have been disconnected. they do have a bank account number. they have an address in boca raton, florida. the question is where is it all going to lead. live in dublin, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, terry. be careful of where you buy the tickets if you have enough money to do so. let's talk about super bowl media day. generally a circus, but sometimes there is a little bit of football in there. let's bring in dave feldman who joins us live in new orleans. did you get a little bit of football for us too? >> i do. you know, jessica and raj, and it's media day too, which as raj knows, and he has covered some of these, you get some crazy questions. and you get some questions that you're not sure how to answer. and then you have some players that say some things that you're not sure that they really mean. randy moss had one of those moments.
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and our own mindi bach chronicled the event. >> it's media day at the superdome here in new orleans when every single 49ers player and head coach jim harbaugh spoke with the media. we were able to speak to randy moss for the first time in several weeks after harbaugh said he would like moss back for one more year with the 49ers. no one knew what moss's future plans were until today. >> i've thought about it. i do want to play another year. >> here? >> i don't know about that. now that i'm older, i do think i'm the greatest receiver to ever do it. i don't think numbers, i don't think numbers stand, because there is -- you know, you can -- you talk about this and this. i think that i've had -- this year has been a down year for me statistically. the year before i retire was a down year, and then oakland was a down year. so i don't really live on numbers. i really live on impact and what you're able to do out on that field. i really do think i'm the
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greatest receiver to ever play this game. >> reporter: with all that he has accomplished in his nfl career, there is one thing randy moss has never been able to do in his entire football career that he says he is looking forward to after he does decide to retire, and that's experience a true football tailgate, he says complete with all the food and drink. in new orleans with the 49ers, mindi bach, nbc bay area. and then there is alex smith. no podium, but a lot of questions. the starter for nine games, lost his job after being concussed, replaced by colin kaepernick. will he be around? is he staying around? and does he like these questions? the answer, not really. >> is it frustrating? >> no. >> how difficult has it been to be in this role? >> i mean, we're in the super bowl. you know, this is a great thing. yeah, would i love to be playing? of course. but i'm not. i don't get to make those decisions. and for me, i'm not going to sit and dwell on it, you know.
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getting ready to go. >> and coming up later in sports, one of the 49ers grabs a mic and does a pretty good job interviewing. and raj and jessica, raj, you know this, if you have a job, you don't give up the mic and give to it someone else, because you might get the mic back or your job back. and that may be the case. we'll have that story for you a little later in sports. >> we'll see you shortly. thank you, dave. season sports reporter battles beauty queens and men in lucha libre masks at media day. we'll look at the quirkier side of that event. that's coming up too. and the bay area company tasked with making the new 49ers stadium the most technologically advanced in history. but first, a novato woman is killed during her trip to the her hometown, and the case has investigators scratching their heads. coming up, we'll tell you why. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures warming up the next couple days will decrease our
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air quality, namely in the north and also the south bay. we'll tell you where you'll hit 70 coming up in a few minutes. and we're also tracking severe weather in the southeast. we'll let you know what's up with the thunderstorms headed towards new orleans in just a few minutes.
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a random and senseless attack. that's how investigators are describing a stabbing at a new hampshire hotel that left a bay area woman dead. the stabbing happened last nights at a hampton inn in littleton, new hampshire. this is near the vermont border. when police arrived, they found 70-year-old katherine houghton in the lobby. she had been stabbed multiple times.
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at the scene officers arrested another hotel guest, a 37-year-old man charged with second-degree murder. you see him here. detectives do not believe the two knew each other. houghton, who went by the name kitty, had traveled to new hampshire for meetings. she was a trustee at a small private school. >> from her work in the peace corps to our countless hours of volunteer service, she touched many through her words, her actions and her deeds. >> a motive for the crime is not yet known. a frightening start to the day in the east bay after a gunman shot and killed a man at a gas station in front of several people, and then that gunman escaped. shooting unfolded just after 9:00 this morning south of highway 4. at one point, a man claiming to be the victim's father confronted police, demanding information, saying his son was just 20 years old. so far police have not identified the victim. investigators did use surveillance video to track the gunman to a house less than four miles away in west pittsburg. the s.w.a.t. team deployed but
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no one was inside. san jose police say they're making progress in a string of home invasion robberies. a total of thee men have now been arrested. here are their pictures. police believe they're involved in a three-day crime spree, including last week's home invasion in the almaden valley neighborhood of san jose. in all of the crimes, police say the suspects waved the weapons, assaulted their victims, and demanded money. in that home invasion last week, the three men reportedly tied up the couple in their 70s and then ransacked their home. well, as the 49ers focus on getting the job done in new orleans, one bay area company is focused on getting a big job done for the team in santa clara. wiring the niners new stadium. silicon networking veteran brocade has the task of wiring the most sports savvy facility in sports history. since most stadiums just frustrate mobile users, the brains at brocade are working to make it aztec friendly as your living room. assuming your living room can handle 70,000 football fans. >> that's going to be a tall
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order. well, it's part super bowl and part circus. what we saw today is a little odd, but it's a tradition that is filled with colorful characters. see for yourself. nbc bay area's laurence scott continues our coverage from new orleans tonight. >> greetings from new orleans. what a great day today. it was super bowl media day. it's wild, it's weird, it's notorious. but it's all starting to make sense. take a look. >> favorite tattoo. >> right here. >> press conference together -- >> reporter: super bowl media day. it's become such an anticipated event within an event that the absurdities have become somewhat normalized. did this frighten anyone when you walked in the door? >> no, i had the take it off when guy through security. >> reporter: if you have a measurable audience, you'll get the chance to ask serious questions or make wild requests of the super bowl teams for a good full hour each. nfl vice president of communications michael signora
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helps trace the roots of media day. >> there were only 300 that cover media day. it dates to super bowl i, when the green bay packers were interviewed before playing in the super bowl in los angeles. so it has grown quite a bit. >> it certainly has. quasi super heroes, ancient samurais and newly minted celebrities like miss alabama katherine webb, an internet sensation for watching super bowl. >> from the bcs championship game to now the super bowl, talk about this journey. how has it been? >> it's been absolutely crazy, so overwhelming. literally, three weeks ago i was just sitting in the stands. and now i'm here at the super bowl. i've never been to the super bowl before. neither have i ever been in new orleans. >> reporter: then there is noted satirists like mo rocca roaming. >> the sports writers have such a difficult job all yearlong who oftentimes give them nothing. they then have to deal with people like me.
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invading their space. so i'm sure being in new orleans, there are more than a few sports reporters with voodoo dolls of nonsports reporters and they're pricking them right now. >> reporter: it's all in good fun. of course it widens the audience' interest of the game to come. and they know be ready for whatever is thrown your way. asking questions that are not football-related. why do you think that's become the theme? >> exposure. try to expose some of us. we all think we're really smart, but we're not. >> reporter: all right. and tomorrow the niners will get back together as a team again and speak to the media, this time in a ballroom. and without the lucha libres and the rodeo clowns. that's the scene from new orleans. i'm laurence scott. back to you. >> no rodeo clowns? that's not going to be fun. >> and here it is. from here on out, it is business. fun and games and beginning tomorrow the first full day of practice, and it's business. >> chuck, you should have gone and asked wacky question. >> i knew the weather channel
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was out there. somebody was doing it on behalf of all the meteorologists. >> i know. but it wouldn't he been you. you would have been more fun. >> i would have loved to have been out there. maybe next time. 45 in santa rosa right now. also 38 in napa. the huge temperature differences up in the north bay where the wind is calmer in nap pass, that's where the --s are colder. from san francisco to novato, that's where the temperatures are slightly warmer at this hour. that wind helps to increase that friction in the atmosphere to help the temperatures to stay warmer. let's get you outside of the live hd sky camera network. we have the haze back by the hills. we'll see that the next couple of days. the poor air quality, but straight up above, it is absolutely clear tonight. and we're going to see that sunny picture continues for tomorrow from san berto mountain looking to the bay bridge. we're not undergoing any kind of fog event tonight. let's get you back into the weather boards. throughout the next 48 hours, this huge region of high pressure anchored in the same spot it was yesterday. it's going to slightly nudge here off to the east as we head throughout tomorrow.
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that's going to eventually start to produce this offshore wind. it will give us some hazy sunshine, but most notably, some of this rare january warm weather coming our way. it's still on tap here as we head throughout thursday, even friday, with some low 70s. scots valley still looking at 72. santa cruz 70. gilroy 6. for example, the 70 in santa cruz not quite going to be the warmest day ever in january. that was 83 degrees back on january 18th of 1920. however, nearly 10 degrees above our averages the next two days. we also want to bring your attention to this strong line of thunderstorms that is now approaching louisiana. it has dropped a few tornadoes back off to the west of this line of storms. eventually, this is going to make it to new orleans, as we head throughout early tomorrow morning with some severe weather components. the risk of tornadoes in new orleans is very slight. however, folks down here in new orleans will have to watch out for lightning, thunder, and also winds that could top 40 miles per hour. with the zone some of the
11:20 pm
strongest weather from 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. if you have a flight heading that way, you definitely do want to expect potential delays. back here at home, upper 30s and low 40s for the north and east bay. san jose 42 and los gatos also with the low 40s. throughout wednesday, hazy sunshine and low to mid 60s to finish off the day. not a bad forecast. and on that three-day, we'll keep it dry here throughout thursday and friday. and by this weekend, you see numbers go down a little bit, but definitely not cold with a bit of cloud cover coming back into the mix by sunday. so some great weather to kick around the football there in between commercials on sunday back here in the bay area. and right now forecast models, listen up closely, next tuesday and wednesday bringing back a very decent chance of rainfall right now. >> okay. >> yeah. a lot going on. >> thank you, jeff. we're back in a moment. mmmmmm. a choice of 6 skillet entrees,
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each with an appetizer, and dessert? whoa! no wonder they call it a complete meal. 3 courses, one diner price. complete skillet meals, starting at $8.99. only at denny's.
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state lawmakers are vowing to proceed with caution and seek consensus as they consider adopting stricker gun control laws. during a joint legislative
11:23 pm
hearing at the state capitol today, they got a close up look at heavy-duty firearms and they heard testimony from gun rights advocates, gun control advocates and law enforcement officials. state senate leader darryl sandberg said the hearing was meant to set aside some of the emotion and determine what reasonable steps can be taken to improve public safety. we're back with more in a moment from new orleans.
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hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman live in new orleans. it was media day at the super bowl here today. and a lot of dumb questions get asked, and a lot of players get sick of them. so the 49ers larry grant, he is a linebacker, he decided to take matters into his own hands. as our own ahmed fareed found out, things got a little dicey. >> we're seeking out all the 49er players here. i have my friend larry grant. you mind if i ask you a couple of questions? >> no, not today. i think i'm going to ask the
11:26 pm
questions today. >> all right. be my guest. >> i've got a few questions for you, buddy. who is the ugly person on the team? >> man, we got a couple of them. but i'm going to leave you with that, man. >> larry, how are you doing, man? >> the most unattractive person, it's definitely not me. >> anthony dixon, without a doubt. >> without a doubt, anthony dixon, you heard it. >> easy. who has worst swag on the team? >> the worst swag, i'm going to give to it a.d. >> reporting media day, larry grant, csn. >> thanks, larry. back to you. that was good. that was good. >> all right, a good job. warriors with a good job finishing up their four-game road with a 108-95 win against the cavs with and due bogut, harrison barnes, all out. klay thompson with a career high 32. jared jack had a 26. tied his career high with 12 assists. klay thompson happy to be headed
11:27 pm
back to the bay with a win. >> it's a big momentum swing going back home to oakland. you know, we needed to come in here and get this win. you know we couldn't go 1-3 on this trip. we're a good road team, but we're even better at home. we take care of business on the road, it just makes it that much better. hockey now. the ducks to visit the sharks. san jose trailed 2-1 in late this the third. but the game-tying goal. in the ensuing shoot-out, the ducks' teemu selanne shot, hit the crossbar, and the sharks escaped 3-2 winners. so the sharks are still perfect. we'll have much more tomorrow from the crescent city as the 49ers and ravens get closer to super bowl xlvii. i'm dave feldman. raj and jessica are back with more after the break.
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okay. he just joined twitter today, and he already has more than 18,000 followers. welcome to the party, joe. 49ers legend joe montana sent out his first tweet this afternoon. it read, quote, good luck, 49ers. looking forward to a great super bowl. montana led the niners to four super bowl titles. man, just thinking about it is really cool. he still lives in san francisco, and will be in new orleans for sunday's game. >> of course he will. are you following, joe? >> i will be following joe in about five minutes. >> all right. >> i wouldn't mind any retweets, joe. >> what's it going to look like in new orleans for joe? >> this is just for you, joe. yes, the super bowl forecast in new orleans as we head throughout sunday will be in the low to mid-60s and partly to mostly sunny skies. we know a lot of people are heading there and don't have tickets. they just want to go to new orleans for the party. so that forecast is for you. otherwise back in the bay area upper 60s thursday and friday even a few 70s. >> i think joe will like it. >> yes. thanks for joining us tonight. we hope to see you back here tomorrow. we close out with a shot of the superdome.
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